DigitalTown, DGTW, Company Profile


DigitalTown, DGTW, Corporate Profile

DigitalTown (DGTW) is a fully reporting publicly traded company currently listed on the OTC Markets. The Company plans to up-list on NASDAQ/NYSE in the near future. The Company is already operating audit, compliance and governance at a mature level as the business ramps.

DigtalTown is a unique Company that partners with city governments and destination marketing organizations to build strong, resilient communities and flourishing local businesses where communities can search, connect and transact locally.

DigitalTown provides cities a highly scalable, cloud-hosted platform that helps cities connect with citizens and local businesses with ease. The DigitalTown platform includes both mobile applications, and a branded city portal that empowers citizens to interact directly with city leaders, local government agencies and businesses.

Act Local. Think Global

DigitalTown changing the landscape one city at a time, helping build smart cities and better governments. City governments eagerly embracing DigitalTown’s vision because it helps cities provide better services quickly and cost effectively.  DigitalTown has a unique ability to capture big-data at a very granular level, the unprecedented access to information helping city mayors and administrators plan better cities, better communities and optimize the use of city resources.

Changing Dynamics of Local Commerce

Partnering with DigitalTown helps cities collect taxes and fees efficiently and cost effectively, and helps local businesses sell more products and services to people in their own communities. Research shows that people want to patronize local businesses, unfortunately, they don’t have easy access to buy local. DigitalTown changing the dynamics of local commerce, empowering cities and citizens like never before.



Helping Cities and Citizens

DigitalTown powered city portal helps citizens and businesses pay their utility bills, property and business taxes and buy and sell goods and services without leaving the city portal. The portal acts like town square, bustling with commerce, increasing social interaction and community engagement. The company believes that this will help increase standard of living, reduce crime, increase property value and attract more people and businesses to DigitalTown powered cities.

Highly Scalable, Cloud Based Platform

DigitalTown’s highly scalable, cloud based platform built for highly interconnected, extremely dynamic and mobile friendly cities of the future. Digital Town bringing people together and changing the landscape of cities and towns.

Why Invest in DigitalTown?

DigitalTown is a unique, high growth, extremely scalable SaaS platform, and it has many streams of income. The company generates revenues through licensing fees, software development and integrations fees, payment processing fees, native ads and sponsored content and other sources.


DigitalTown powered city portals are social and commerce hubs where consumers recommend their favorite restaurants & beauty shops, write reviews, discover local events, find doctors, dentists and plumbers. The portal helps both peer-to-peer and consumers-to-business communication, helping consumers connect with each other and to shop local.

DigitalTown provides a one stop shop for all the goods and services from a single platform. DigitalTown helps cities and business process transactions and facilitates safe and secure payments. Research shows that most consumers for personal data security reasons are reluctant to shop on obscure, small store websites, DigitalTown helps alleviate the concerns and encourages people to shop at their favorite local stores.

The company has acquired more than 22,000 of the .CITY domains that map to major population centers around the world.  These .CITY portals are both branded destination sites, but are also connected together through a unified SmartWallet single-sign-on that connects all participating cities in a frictionless network.


DigitalTown Growing Rapidly

The company is growing organically and through smart acquisitions. The company acquired and successfully integrated half a dozen companies and looking to acquire more as it continues to grow at a rapid pace.  

Cloud.Market:  Acquired for 750,000 shares and $7,500 cash.  This acquisition gave DigitalTown a platform on both web and mobile.  Chris  Maxwell, the Founder who was ex-Amazon has led the development of this platform that allowed any city to be its own Amazon. The acquisition gave DigitalTown both a working platform and a talented engineering team. Although integration began in January, 2016, the DigitalTown Board formally approved the acquisition at the March 4, 2016 Board meeting in Mesa, AZ.

Software Masters:Acquired for 150,000 common shares, this acquisition gave DigitalTown a solution for powering the back office of local government.  Software Masters’ product, GovSuite, powers the 90,000-person Madison County, Kentucky.  This technology has been in commercial use for 6 years and was in the process of being commercialized into a product that could be sold on a multi-tenant basis as Software as a Service (Saas). Through the deal, DigitalTown also secured an excellent portfolio of .CITY domains.

Rezserve:Acquired for 3 million shares and a $400,000 convertible note, with a 1 year term, interest-free.  The convertible note is secured only by the equity of Rezserve with no contingency on any other DigitalTown assets. This acquisition gave DigitalTown a fully commercialized solution for powering online travel booking. The technology has been in development since 2003. Rezserve processes in excess of $25 million in annual travel bookings using the Rezserve platform in Whistler, Canada alone. for 1.625 million shares, the acquisition gave DigitalTown a robust and commercialized solution for online appointment booking.  The platform powered nearly 1 million calendar bookings per year with nearly 1000 paying customers. The main opportunity from this acquisition is the ability to support any type of service-oriented business with a cloud-based booking solution, i.e. the “Open Table for Everything”, covering a broad range of service provider categories.

Integration of each acquisition has gone very well. There has been no loss of personnel, or impairment of assets.  Of the 4 companies, Rezserve and continue to operate as independent brands and have the ability to grow substantial revenues on a stand-alone basis through dramatically accelerated marketing of this mature solution by leveraging DigitalTown’s .CITY website network as a hub for online bookings for lodging and activities. Cloud.Market and Software Masters were technology, intellectual property, and personnel acquisitions.



The Management Team

The DigitalTown team is led by successful technology managers who have a passion for economic development and fostering robust local economies. 


Robert W. Monster

CEO & President

Robert joined DigitalTown at CEO in 2015, bringing significant experience with him. Among his many accomplishments, he founded and served as Managing Director of Monster Venture Partners LLC, and founded Global Market Institute (GMI). Prior to founding GMI, he was a global product development manager at Procter & Gamble. Robert earned both a BS and an MBA from Cornell University. He was recognized as Ernst & Young’s 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year. He also authored Market Research in the Internet Age, published by John Wiley and Sons.

Chris Maxwell

Chief Technical Officer

Chris leads DigitalTown’s development team. He’s responsible for engaging with clients to understand their challenges and needs, and delivering customized solutions to meet them. Prior to joining DigitalTown, he founded Cloud.Market, an online marketplace serving local communities. He was a senior technical program manager at Amazon, CTO of Voxeo Labs (acquired by Aspect), and held leadership and technical roles at Tellme (acquired by Microsoft), AT&T, Edify, Intervoice (acquired by Convergys), Verizon and EDS. Chris earned a BA from Baylor University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Adee Wada

Vice President, Marketing

Adee leads DigitalTown's marketing efforts. He comes from Microsoft, where he spent eight years serving in their Online Media Business division, most recently as Director of Audience Marketing. Prior to Microsoft, he was the Director of Event Services for the Seattle Mariners, overseeing operations at Safeco Field. He earned a BA from the University of Colorado. Adee enjoys life in Bellevue with his wife and three children.

Ken Cooper

Vice President, Finance

Ken brings years of financial experience to DigitalTown, founding and directing Four Hills Advisors. Prior to Four Hills, he spent 14 years at Life Time Fitness, Inc., serving in many roles, helping them grow from $53 million in revenues to over $1 billion. He led their investor-relations efforts from Life Time’s IPO in 2004 thru 2010. He helped garner over $1 billion in capital for the company, and built their blueprint for strategic decisions for years to come. He also led their Athletic Events & Endurance division, as well as serving in their M&A department.

Ken Jensen

Vice President, Engineering

For 20 years, Ken led Software Masters. Acquired by DigitalTown, the company developed website solutions for communities and local governments. Since coming on board, he has taken primary responsibility for the development of software solutions for local governments.

Faris Oweis

Vice President, Corporate Development

Faris has experience in countless industry verticals from tech to architecture. He’s a storyteller, listener, strategist, rapid learner, and a natural connector of ideas who has secured projects across 8 industries in over 30 countries. Prior to DigitalTown, Faris led large pursuits for CH2M with a focus on mega infrastructure and smart city projects across the Middle East and India. School wise he holds a B.S. in Marketing from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies) and MBA from Auburn (War Eagle).

Clint Skidmore

Vice President, Product Development

Since 2001, Clint has been fuelled by a passion for combining technology and travel into a market-leading software solution for the travel industry. As CEO of Rezserve Technologies Ltd, Clint has brought his vision to life, enriching yet simplifying the user experience of booking lodging and other travel related products. Since coming on board at DigitalTown through the acquisition of Rezserve, Clint has led product development and use his experience and expertise to increase the usability and functionality of DigitalTown with an emphasis on providing intuitive Merchant Solutions that help businesses of all sizes to win locally and compete globally.

Ala Dadan

Vice President, Product Design

With over 14 years of experience in new media design. Ala Dadan leads the design efforts behind the new product features in DigitalTown.comacross their full life cycle — concept, scope, design comps, and prototype support. He started his career in 2001 & during that time he was a member of different design teams in several companies in Jordan - the Middle East and as a consultant for many design firms abroad. Mr. Dadan has also served as Vice President of Design at Epik.comand was the founder of O2 Alternative, a trend-setting design house in Jordan.

Kenneth A. Holloway

Marketing Director

Kenny joined us in March 2016. As Marketing Director, Kenny oversees the knowledge base, training, support and SEO. Prior to DigitalTown, Kenny had spent over a decade at the helm of 360 Media Group. Kenny brings a wide range of experience with media buys, traffic generation, web development and is a published photographer.




The Company Board of Directors is comprised of 8 Board members, of which 7 are non-executive with strong records of professional success.  The Board meets quarterly in person and also has actively engaged committees that are working with the management team.

Please visit the company website at to learn how DigitalTown helps local communities to compete and win in the Digital Age. Make your city a - DigitalTown Empowered City - today!




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NEXT Group Holdings,NXGH, Corporate Profile

NEXT Group Holdings Inc. | NXGH | Corporate Profile

Next Group Holdings, Inc.(OTCQB: NXGH) is a corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida, which, through its operating subsidiaries, engages in the business of using proprietary technology and certain licensed technology to provide innovative mobile banking, mobility, and telecommunications solutions to underserved, unbanked, and emerging markets. NXGH's principal executive offices are located at 1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 2200, Miami, Florida 33131, and its telephone number at that location is (800) 611-3622. NXGH's web address is

NEXT Group Holdings, Inc. is a leading-edge communications technology company focused on providing innovative mobility and financial solutions for the emerging markets. The company operates primarily through its M&M Telecom, Next CALA, NxtGn and AIM subsidiary holdings.

M&M Telecom

M&M Telecom is a state-of-the-art telecommunications long distance service provider with FCC 214 Authority that operates Next Mobile 360, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and Tel3, a Retail Prepaid Telecom provider.  M&M leverages its proprietary technologies as a foundation of an advanced VoIP network, allowing the company to deliver cost-efficient and high-quality long distance services for HD voice and HD video to our customers. For more information on M&M Telecom and Next Mobile 360, please visit

Tel3 is the retail pin-less prepaid division of M&M Telecom that was recently acquired. Tel3 had over $3 million in revenue in 2015 with 25,000 customers and a database of over 300,000 current and former clients. Currently, Tel3 has 38,000 followers on Facebook and is renewing its social media and advertising programs to the Latino population. Tel3’s Android and iPhone apps enable clients to make long distance calls with just a WiFi or mobile data connection from anywhere in the world.

Tel3’s main Facebook page:

Tel3’s Cuba promotion page:

Tel3’s Twitter page:       

NxtGn Advanced Technologies

NxtGn has developed with industry leader Cisco Systems, a unique product called AVYDA powered by Telarix, an HD Telepresence platform that has the capability to allow thousands of people to connect simultaneously using their Mobile phones, Tablets and PC devices for collaboration with celebrities, talent, healthcare, and education applications for iOS. AVYDA allows HD video conference participants to connect with up to thousands of live participants per session border control (SBC). For more information on NxtGn, please visit Read more about NxtGn with Cisco here:


AIM Accent Intermedia


AIM is a Program Manager and fulfillment provider for many prepaid gift and open and closed loop cards. Some of the customers of AIM are: Harley Davidson, Applebee’s , AMC Theaters, Hooters and more.  AIM also manages a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) debit card. AIM’s website is



NEXTCALA Reloadable General Purpose VISA® Card and Mobile Apps


Next Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NXGH) released its NEXTCALA mobile applications for both Android and iOS, through its subsidiary NEXTCALA, Inc.






A Whole New Revenue Stream

NXGH, through its subsidiary Meimoun & Mammon, LLC and its marketing brand, Tel3, has begun the rollout, sale and installation of its State of the Art, "Super Functional” Point Of Sale - POS/Cash Register that has received great attention due to its sleek, modern, efficient design and amazing combination of interactive tools that make the retail experience friendlier, quicker and better both for the shopper and for store management. The system can currently manage sale and inventory of hard goods, food, fuels, long distance telephone service, cellular “TopUps” (US & International) and Bill Pay for utilities. Within the next 90 days, the system should be enabled for US & International Money Transfers, Rewards Programs, General Purpose Reload Debit cards (VISA®, Mastercard®), Digital gift cards and other financial products. The Company’s aggressive program to install the POS/Cash register systems in qualifying stores and through vertical markets has been well received. The Company’s strong Financial Technology, Telecom and Mobility assets will play a major role in the development and deployment of our strategies.  For more information, visit the website




Source: The Company, OxBridge Research, Daily Stock Deal, OTC King, OTC Stock Wire


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eXp World Holdings, EXPI, Profile


eXp World Holdings, EXPI, Profile

eXp World Holdings, Inc. is the holding company for a number of companies most notably eXp Realty LLC, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® as a full-service real estate brokerage providing 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training, and socialization for real estate brokers and agents through its 3-D, fully-immersive, cloud office environment. eXp Realty, LLC and eXp Realty of Canada, Inc. also feature an aggressive revenue sharing program that pays agents a percentage of gross commission income earned by fellow real estate professionals who they attract into the Company. As a publicly-traded company, eXp World Holdings, offers professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn equity awards for production and contributions to overall company growth.


The home buying and selling process remains unfamiliar and often times emotional for most consumers. Consumers still depend on agents to help navigate the process, give insight into and lend a comparative perspective on properties, provide local market expertise, and negotiate and advocate on their behalf. Because of the magnitude of the buying or selling decision, the size of the asset that underlies that decision, and the emotional responses it frequently triggers, the vast majority of consumers will continue to rely upon agents and brokers for the foreseeable future.

With the emergence of the internet as the most powerful property marketing and advertising medium and the growing independence it has instilled in the consumer, the utility of the brick and mortar office location continues to diminish. Increasing numbers of consumers have little use for, and even less interest in visiting, a traditional real estate office. As a natural and inevitable consequence, substantial and growing numbers of real estate professionals are exiting traditional brokerage models, providing further evidence of the decline of the brick and mortar office.


Consumers leverage eXp’s internet marketing and cloud technology to find, buy or sell homes without a brick and mortar office.  And finally, millions of Americans understand the benefits of technology and decreasing reliance on the traditional office. Despite these trends most traditional brokerages continue to allocate significant resources to physical locations.

As a cloud-based real estate brokerage eXp Realty has embraced and adopted a number of cloud-based technologies in order to grow an international brokerage without the burden of physical bricks and mortar and/or redundant staffing costs.

The Company has been engaged in the marketing and sale of residential real estate with the goal of being the first truly agent-owned, cloud-based, full service, global real estate brokerage company delivering around-the-clock access to collaborative tools and professional development for managing real estate brokers and agents. The business model was created in order to increase brokers’ and agents’ listings and sales and reduce their overhead and capital requirements.

Source: The Company, OxBridge Research, Daily Stock Deal, OTC King, OTC Stock Wire


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Omagine, OMAG, Profile


Omagine, Inc. (OTCQB: OMAG) Profile, Summary


Omagine is an entertainment, hospitality and tourism company with significant residential and commercial real estate development and property management activities.


The company is headquartered in New York City and has a subsidiary in Muscat, Oman. Omagine is focused on MENA Region real-estate development and hospitality opportunities because the company believes the enormous financial resources in the MENA region combined with a recent shift in economic development strategies of regional Governments present huge opportunities. (See how OMAG could benefit from it, click here)


The Vision

The company has signed a $2.5 billion development agreement with the Government of Oman, developing a mixed-use Tourism/Residential and Commercial/Retail project known as - The Omagine Project. The 245 acre prime beachfront property is located just 6 miles from Muscat International Airport. The beautiful Pearl shaped buildings will overlook the serene Gulf of Oman, surrounded by a vibrant art and culture scene, poised to inspire the world.


The Omagine Project is designed as an exquisite, modern architectural marvel built with environmentally friendly materials in a family friendly living/working space. It blends local values and customs for today's global citizens where residents and visitors live, work and play in complete harmony with nature.


The existing majestic Sultan Qaboos Street, home to Muscat's many landmarks, provides easy access to The Omagine Project, where art and culture thrive, residents and visitors experience Arabian hospitality, dine in fine restaurants and shop at exclusive showrooms of global brands. (See project overview, click here)


The Future

Most Americans are familiar with The Palm Islands of Dubai. The Palm started with a vision and a simple rendering, despite huge challenges, the vision came true. Dubai became one of the world’s top tourist destinations and one of most expensive real estate markets in the world.





The Omagine Project – and its Pearls – has the potential to become the next major tourism destination and one of the most highly desired real estate markets. Muscat could become the next hot destination for the tourists around the world.


The Omagine Project – The Pearls

The Omagine Project – The Pearls



Timing and Location is Everything!

The timing couldn't be better for Chinese investors. The Stock Market in China down sharply and the Chinese economy slowing down considerably. Chinese investors looking for an alternative, discovered Dubai. Investors from China are flocking to Dubai. Huge demand from investors is driving up real estate prices in Dubai and the cost of living and doing business in Dubai has increased dramatically.


We believe, The Omagine Project (Muscat) offers the next great opportunity for investors and Global corporations doing business in the Middle East. Muscat's low cost of living and cheaper office space offers a better ROI.


The Pearls (Muscat) expected to meet or exceed the lifestyle choice and luxury for less. It’s a great opportunity for Global corporations to establish their MENA headquarters in Muscat. Also, a unique opportunity for accredited investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.


Source: The Company, OxBridge Research, Daily Stock Deal, OTC King, OTC Stock Wire


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XLI Technologies, XLIT, Profile



XLI Technologies, XLIT, Profile, Summary


XLI Technologies, Inc. is a technology and multimedia distribution company, featuring just one of their products and services: Printed LightSheets. XLI Technologies, Inc., provides innovative lighting solutions within the multimedia, theatrical distribution, and entertainment sectors. Our unique Printed LightSheets technology enables us to provide an exceptional value proposition for our clients as well as their customers, by delivering cutting-edge positioning techniques as well as movie production tools. In addition to leading the way in technology, our business model enables our clients to maximize their profitability in the interest of fostering mutually beneficial financial opportunities.




Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. XLI Technology brings Printed LightSheets’ Nanotechnology to market: a revolutionary, patented light source that gives off vibrant colors and provides a highly efficient, 100% environmentally friendly light-source alternative.




XLI Technologies puts advertising and promotion on the move with its Printed LightSheets offerings for the automotive industry. Options run the gamut in exterior lighting surfaces, with car hood wraps, quarter-panel lighting and windows that make an indelible impression. In the interior, eye-catching capabilities include illuminated headliners, seats, floormats, displays and interior door panels.




When it comes to advertising and promotions, drawing attention and increasing focus are absolutely paramount. In addition to improving the visual impact of traditional poster presentations in the theater environment, Printed LightSheets offers new and creative advertising space in areas where advertising was unable to effectively be used before, such as “canvertizing” (advertising on a trashcan). Each additional square foot of light advertising creates an environment of excitement and additional advertising revenue opportunities.




XLI Technologies’ motion picture division is focused exclusively on products for movie studios, production and distribution companies, advertising, and talent and management agencies. This program offers volume discounts with fast delivery (same day, overnight, 5-day and/or 10-day delivery). Every Printed LightSheet comes with a transformer that powers the Printed LightSheet. Portable Backlit Packages are available for all 5 sizes—so light, portable and convenient that they can be considered a carry on when flying and traveling. (All Printed LightSheets also come with a warranty.) The current standard configurations include:


Sources: The Company, OxBridge Research, OTCKING, DailyStockDeals, OTCstockIQ


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Gala Global, GLAG, Profile


Gala Global, GLAG, Profile

GALA Global, Inc. is a publicly traded development stage company which plans to expand in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. The Company is refocusing its purpose on the development, research, and commercialization of products derived from Hemp and Cannabis Plant, while expanding the clothing operations and upcoming Hemp based fiber apparel and accessories division.


The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) estimated that the 2014 retail sales value of hemp food, body/beauty care, clothing and various other hemp products sold in the United States were more than $620 million.

Industrial Hemp is a crop that can be grown for food and non-food purposes. As a result of its numerous nutritional benefits, many new food products containing hemp seed and its oil are finding their way into the marketplace, including pasta, tortilla chips, salad dressings, snack products and frozen desserts. Hemp seed contains a complete protein and the seed oil is the richest source of essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3) with the perfect ratio of 3:1. Hemp seed oil is also used in nutraceuticals and health care products.

Hemp is undergoing rapid growth as a natural fiber source in everything from clothing and textiles to automotive composites. Although it is legal to import and sale industrial hemp products in the U.S., it is not yet legal to commercially grow industrial hemp in the U.S. The 2013 farm bill was signed into law in February 2014 and contained a hemp amendment, Sec. 7606 Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, which allows states that have already legalized the crop to cultivate hemp within the parameters of state agriculture departments and research institutions.

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act was introduced (in January 2015) in both the House and Senate, H.R. 525 and S. 134 respectively. If passed, the bill would remove all federal restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp, and remove its classification as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.



Gala Global owns and operates several subsidiaries including, Cannabis Ventures Inc., Cannabis Ventures (Canada) and CBDLiving.


Cannabis Ventures, Inc.

Cannabis Ventures (CVI) was organized for the purpose of developing leading scientific processing to cultivate a bio-medical grade Cannabis plant featuring a higher concentration Cannabidiol (CBD) value with natural healing powers. The team along with expert consultants which have specific expertise in pharmaceutical sciences (medicinal chemistry of natural products) and herbal pharmacology. Cannabis Ventures plans to supply the medical marijuana market along with alternate medicinal supply for global market for highly enriched plant concentration of CannabidiolFor more information visit


Cannabis Ventures (USA)

Cannabis Venture signed a management agreement with America's first approved dispensary, Compassionate Caregiver! Compassionate Caregiver based in California became the first dispensary to provide Medical Marijuana in the United States.


Cannabis Ventures (Canada)

The company's Canadian subsidiary filed application to be a Licensed Producer under the Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) with Health Canada. Cannabis Ventures is currently in the process in establishing operations in British Columbia to service the Medical Marijuana market.

Cannabis Ventures (Canada) recently signed a turn key management contract with a company based in Ontario, Canada. Cannabis Venture will assist in designing, equipment procurement, installation and help the company obtain license from Health Canada.



Gala Global created this special division to take advantage of $18 Billion dollar supplement industry. The company plans to introduce CBD infused dietary supplements and sports nutrition products in 23 states and the District of Columbia in the near future. The company believes Cannabidiols (CBD) Cannabinol ("CBN") could be a safer and better alternative for the treatment of sleep and anxiety disorders. 50 million Americans suffer from sleep and anxiety disorders, a large number of them use Prescription and/or OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, some of these drugs are habit forming, many Americans are unfortunately becoming drug-dependent and addicted to sleeping pills and pain killers and authorities are very concerned about the adverse social and economic consequences of the addiction problem.

For more information visit

Sources: The Company, OxBridge Research, OTCKING, DailyStockDeals, OTCstockIQ

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Station Digital, SDIG, Profile, Summary


StationDigital Corporation

Multimedia Digital Broadcasting


StationDigital, SDIG, is a multimedia digital broadcast company that offers free music streaming of over 30 million songs. StationDigital features both genre-based and artist-based music discovery stations to suit an endless variety of musical tastes, and a personal recommendation service to its more than 2.4 million unique listeners – all available both online and through its iOS and Andriod mobile apps. StationDigital’s users can customize their listening experience by selecting playlists and stations based on themes, interests and location, as well as favorite artists, songs, genre, and by providing feedback on the music they hear.


StationDigital is the first truly next generation digital media broadcast platform.

StationDigital’s primary identity is as a sophisticated pure play music discovery Internet radio service, offering a competitive, state of the art product to capture market share in the Internet radio space. The Company has a unique, industry first value proposition - the StationDigital Listener Rewards Program, where all registered users earn listener rewards points:


> Every time users listen to StationDigital, either on the web or through their mobile apps

> Every time users share StationDigital with friends through social media


Key Features:

Social features and network effect – feedback on music, share music with friends and family, recommendations, post favorites on timeline, and earn reward points. Users can gain followers and build their own music social network of friends and fans.

Unique personalization of music to user’s taste – choose genre, artist, decade and ability to narrow search to a very specific target to get to songs faster. Features include ability to adjust music preferences, create a station playlist, and leverage songs from community of users.

Music discovery – with over 30 million songs and hundreds of stations providing a wide variety of categories and genres, users are always able to discover something new. Add/remove stations with one touch, smooth intuitive song catalog, 30 million songs, choose decade, genre, artist.


StationDigital will become the first agnostic, multimedia, global broadcast platform – available on any device, from anywhere, at anytime.


Investment Highlights

Opportunity to invest in an innovative, early stage next generation multimedia broadcast company with a unique and differentiated service and business model aimed at a rapidly growing and large market opportunity

The Company’s music streaming service has over 30 million songs for its 2.4 million users that offers customized listening, music discovery, a personal recommendation engine, a value-added social layer, and e-commerce platform

Key competitive differentiation factors are its unique listener rewards program/online store and wide variety of entertainment content options beyond music

Music streaming industry is still in its early stages and is experiencing rapid growth and market share capture from a large addressable $15 billion US radio market

Our valuation analysis results in a target price of $0.81 per share which represents significant upside of over 2 times the current stock price


see Investment Thesis click here



Starting with Pandora’s market cap per user of $38.63 and then applying a 65% discount to account for Pandora’s first mover advantage, dominant competitive position, and execution track record, we arrived at a market cap per user of $13.52. Based on management’s aggressive marketing plan, it can be estimated that StationDigital will have approximately 5 million monthly active users by the end of 2016. Applying this $13.52 market cap per user to 5 million monthly active user results in a StationDigital target market capitalization of $67.6 million or price per share of $0.81. Our target price of $0.81 is over 2.0 times the current share price of $0.40 providing significant upside price potential while also being only 35% above the Company’s recent high of $0.60 last October.


learn more about this great opportunity,

download the full research report now! click here

visit the company website

Start Enjoying the Music You Love!


Sources: The Company, OxBridge Research, OTCKING, DailyStockDeals, OTCstockIQ

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